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Vol. 26 (65), No. 2. 2013
Physics and Mathematics Sciences.

In the Memory of Tatyana Fadeyeva

Fadeyeva T. A., Ivanov M. O., Borysova K. V., Borysov A. G., Rubass A. F.
Evolution of Symmetric and Asymmetric Optical Beam Arrays Passing Along Optical Axis of Uniaxial Crystal

Kovalyova A. O., Markovskyy A. A., Fadeyeva T. A., Rubass A. F.
Generation of Fractional Optical Vortices

Yavorsky M. A.
Optical Vortices in Weakly Elliptical Anisotropic Fibres with Torsional Mechanical Stress

Lapin B. P.
Influence of a Twist Defect in a Layered Helical Core Fiber on Single-Charged Optical Vortex Generation

Gorobets Yu. I., Gorobets O. Yu., Kulish V. V. 
Distribution of the Antiferromagnetic Vector for a Periodic System of Remote Circular Antidots and a Couple of Circular Antidots in an Antiferromagnetic Film

Moiseenko D. D., Butrim V. I.
Influence of the Magnetic Anisotropy on the Formation of Spin Nematic Properties

Kosmachev O. A.
Spectra of Elementary Excitations and Phase Diagram of Non-Heisenberg Spin-2 Magnetic

Lelyakov A. P., Usachyov A. S., Babadzhan R. A.
Scalar Field Potential Distribution for a Closed Radially Expanding Null String in Plane z = 0

Lelyakov A. P., Karpenko A. S.
To the Problem of Boundory Conditions of Null String

Mayorova A. N., Mendygulov Yu. D, Mitsay Yu. N.
Model of Quantum Measurement, Which Leads to Reduction of Wave Function

Mayorova A. N., MendygulovYu. D, Mitsay Yu. N.
Five-Dimensional Geometry of Supermultivers as a Result of the Synergetic Self-Organization of Stochastic Fluctuations in the Minkowski Geometry

Basiladze G. D., Berzhansky V. N., Dolgov A. I. 
Design of Magnetooptical Rotator for the Switch of a Two-Wave Light Flux in Fiber-Optic Communication Networks

Basiladze G. D., Berzhansky V. N., Dolgov A. I., Prokopov A. R.
Model of the Multi-Wavelength Magneto-Optical Rotator

Ryabushkin D. S., Sapiga A. V., Redka Ye. S.
NMR Magic Echo in Natrolite

Strugatsky M. B., Yagupov S. V., Postivey N. A., Seleznyova K., Artemenko A., Kliava J. 
On the Choice of Spin Hamiltonian for Fe3+ in FexGa1-xBO3 Single Crystals

Yevstafyev I. I. 
Influence s-d Exchange Interaction on the Transport Processes in the Ferrites

Lysov V. I., Tsaregradskaya T. L., Turkov O. V., Saenko G. V., Teselko P. O.
The Research of Nanostructural Materials’ Properties Obtained Through Partial Crystallization of Amorphous Alloys

Lyashko S. D., Lyashko D. A.
Automated DC Power Supply with Possibility of Remote Control for Research Purposes

Yevdokimov S. V., Sapiga A. A., Pritulenko A. S., Yatsenko A. V.
A Simple Precision Modulus for Temperature Measurements

Berzhansky V. N.
Events 2013: International Scientific Conference "Functional Materials" ICFM’2013 (Haspra, Crimea, Ukraine, September 29 - October 5, 2013)