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Vol. 25 (64), No. 1. 2012
Physics and Mathematics Sciences.

Lelyakov O. P., Karpenko A. S.
A Solution of the Einstein Equations for a ‘Thick’ Null-String Collapsing on Radius in the  Plane
z = 0

A solution of the Einstein equations for a ‘thick’ null-string collapsing on radius in the plane  z = 0 , are found.  The general form of the scalar field potential distribution for a ‘thick’ null-string collapsing on radius in plane  z = 0 is proposed. The conditions, under which a contraction of the field to the one-dimensional object results  in asimtotic coincidence components of the energy-momentumm tensor of a scalar fiald with those of a closed  null-string moving on the same trajectory, are found.

Pushkarev A. B.
Relativistic Shocks in Compact Jet of BL Lacertae Object 1823+568
Using the method of very long baseline interferometry (VLBI), the active galactic nucleus 1823+568 was  observed simultaneously at a frequency of 2.3 and 8.6 GHz, with the participation of 17 antennas. The maps of  the distribution of radio brightness and spectral index of the object were reconstructed. It is found that the  evolution of brightness temperature and the transverse sizes of the VLBI jet components are consistent with a  model of relativistic shocks dominated by adiabatic energy losses.

Akhramovich L. N.,Gadiev D. R., Gopman A. B. 
Electron Localization in One-Dimensional Quantum Wires
On the basis of the transfer matrix formalism developed an algebraic method for solving the scattering of  electrons in one-dimensional quantum. This method  found the exact result of the quantum problem of  scattering of electrons in single-channel one-dimensional conductor. The nature of the resistance quantum  wire depending on the number of scatterers is determined. Asymptotic limit of the exact solution for a large  number of scatterers are in good agreement with known results. It is shown that in a homogeneous quantum  wire there is the phenomenon of electron localization, which leads to an exponential dependence of the  resistance of one-dimensional quantum wire of length.

Fridman Yu. A., Gorelikov G. A.
Dynamic Properties  of Strongly Anisotropic Easy-Plane Ferromagnet with Mechanical  Boundary Conditions
We investigate spectra of elementary excitations of strongly anisotropic easy-plane semiinfinite ferromagnet,  rigidly fixed on a basal plane. The phase diagram of the system was obtained. It was shown, that quasi-phonon  mode become soft on lines of phase transitions  FM-QFM-phase and QU-QFM-phase. Consideration of  rotational invariance lead to the effect of non-reciprocity of sound speed in crystal. Increasing of sound speed  in sample in case of fixed basal plan in comparison with sound speed in the free sample and extension of the  region of existence of the QFM-phase were discovered.

Fridman Yu. A., Klevets Ph. N., Gorelikov G. A., Meleshko A. G. 
The Influence of Large Inclined Anisotropy on Phases States in 2-D Ferromagnet
Phases states of the 2-D film, which contain of the easy-plane anisotropy and the large single-ion inclined  anisotropy directing under some angle to film’s normal are studied. In such system the realization of angular  ferromagnetic phase, inhomogeneous state and quadrupolar phase is possible. The realization of these state depends on magnitude of inclined anisotropy and wave vector orientation in the plane of film.

Kosmachev O. A.
Nematic Phases in Spin-2 Magnetic
The spin states of non-Heisenberg Spin-2 magnetic are investigated. It is shown that the account of high order  spin invariants results in the realization of the specific phases with tensor order parameters which realization is  impossible in Spin-1 magnets. The free energy of the  system is investigated for different spin states.  Geometrical appearances of tensor phases are determined in spin space.

Chernenko V. P.
The Movement Equation of Viscoelastic Rod in Vicinity of Quasifront
The new approach to the conclusion of movement equation of viscoelastic rod in the vicinity of quasifront is  considered. It’s showed how to receive movement equation of viscoelastic rod in the vicinity of wave front.  The solution of border problem for received equation is considered by Laplace’s integral transformation and  the method of contour integration.

Alexeyev C.N.
Coupled Modes Theory for Perturbed Spun Optical Fibres
We developed a modification of the coupled mode  theory for Schrödinger-type  equations with periodic  potentials in the presence of an invariant perturbation. The scheme is applied to obtaining coupled mode  equations for perturbed spun optical fibres.

Fadeyeva T. A.
A Fine Structure of the Off-Axis Singular Beam in a Uniaxial Crystal
We analyze a fine structure of a solution to the paraxial wave equation in the form of a vortex-bearing beam  transmitting at a small angle to the optical axis of an unbounded uniaxial crystal. We consider transformations  of polarization singularities in the beam field via variations of the beam inclination angle. We revealed that  even very small deviations of the beam axis relative to the crystal axis can entail essential transformations of  the field structure, in particular, deformations of both the axial vortex and ring dislocations of circularly  polarized field components. The results obtained enable one to take into account possible distortions of a  vortex-beam structure in the devices for trapping, transportation and mutual orientation of microparticles.

Alexeyev A.N.
Generation of the High-Order Bessel Vortex-Beam in Monochromatic and Polychromatic Light via the Axiconuniaxial Crystal System
Nowhere days, a Bessel beams are of a great interest because of their high importance in practical  applications in micromanipulations of micro particles and possibility to create a bottle-beams which  employed in metal-cutting machines. Angular spectrum of a Bessel beam formed by a variety of a plane  waves, belong to a hollow conical surface with the angle 2β at the top of the cone. Take into account   this fact, one can form a Bessel beam by means of the conical lense-axicon. Generally speaking, we must  note, that such a beam, formed by axicon changes it is shape along the propagation axicon and become  the beam corresponding to Bessel-Gaussian solution.

Yavorsky M. A.
Reflectance and Transmittance of a Plane Dielectric Interface for TE- and TM-Polarized  Bessel Beams
Reflectance and transmittance of TE- and TM-polarized exact Bessel beams impinging at normal incidents on  a plane dielectric interface have been obtained. It is shown that the obtained coefficients coincide with the  well-known reflectance and transmission for s- and p-polarized plane waves. The corresponding explanation is  provided on the basis of the angular spectrum representation of the incident field.

Alexeyev C. N., Barshak E. V., Yavorsky M. A. 
The Structure of the Fundamental Mode of Twisted Anisotropic Fibres
The analytical solution of the vector wave equation for twisted anisotropic fibers with torsional mechanical  stress is obtained by making use of the perturbation theory. Analytical expressions for fundamental modes are  established. The corresponding corrections to the propagation constants have been numerically found.

Ryibas A. F.
Fine Structure of Optical Vortices in the Tilted Linearly-Polarized Low-Order Laguerre Gaussian Beams in a Uniaxial Crystal
In this paper the behavior of linearly polarized low-order Laguerre- Gaussian beams in a uniaxial crystal has  been considered. The existence of the fine structure of the radiation at the output end of the crystal is shown.  The dependence of this structure on the parameters of the crystal and the beam has been studied.

Sokolenko B. V., Ryibas A. F., Konovalenko. V. L., Zinovyev A. O.
Conversion of Topological Charge Sign an Elliptical Vortex, which was Uniaxial Crystal  Orthogonal to its Optical Axis
The process of topological reactions occurring in the vortex beam with elliptical cross section which spread  perpendicular to the optical axis of the crystal SiO2  was experimentally analyzed. It was shown that  oscillations of the beam polarization accompanied by formation of polarization singularities in the beam, it is  cause of transformation of the wave front in each circularly polarized component of the beam. Synchronic  oscillations of spin-angular momentum and topological charge of optical vortex are expressed as the birth and  annihilation of topological dipoles. The periodic vortex core ellipticity conversion was analyzed within all the  range of crystal length and splashes of spin angu  lar momentum was analyzed to. The movement of  dislocation reactions in the components of the beam is expressed in translation of topological charge at axial  optical vortex, the distance between the points of conversion is about 0.05 of the wavelength.

Dzedolik I. V., Karakchieva O. S., Lagunov I. M., Lapaeva C. N. 
Dependence of Polariton Velocity in Bigyrotropic Medium from the Direction of External  Magnetic Field
The influence of external magnetic field on velocity of polaritons in bigyrotropic medium as ferrite-garnet film  is investigated theoretically. It is shown that by changing of magnetic field direction is possible to control the  velocity of polariton propagation in bigyrotropic medium.

Basiladze G. D., Berzhansky V. N., Dolgov A. I. 
Electro- and Magnetooptical Switches for Fiber-Optical Telecommunication Networks
On the bases of literary data we analyzed the current state of developments in the field of fiber-optic switch,  which are not based on magnetooptical elements of great volume. We compared them with similar devices  bases on lithium niobate according to the indicators characterizing the operation of switches.  Attention is paid  to the fact the typical magnetooptical materials distinctions create preconditions for the development of  devices competitive on the market of fiber-optics modulators and switches.

Basiladze G. D.,Berzhansky V. N., Dolgov A. I.
Influence of Spectroscopic Dependence of Faraday Coefficient on Characteristics of Radiation Transmitted the Planar Magnetoactive Element of the Fiber-Optic Switch
Was experimentally investigated the Faraday rotation in epitaxial film ferrite-garnet  (Bi1,73Lu1,24Ca0,03 ) (Fe3,82Ga1,15V0,03 )O12depending on the wavelength of the operating range 1270 – 1625 nm.  We found the empirical dependence of the specific Faraday rotation for this film on the wavelength of light  and were given examples of calculation on the bases of its working length of fiber optic switch magnetoactive  element and its modulation characteristic from the oscillations wavelength of light beam at its input.

Ponomarenko V. I., Popov V. V.
Optimal Waveguide Method for Measuring the Material Constants of Flat Samples
The paper examines the waveguide technique of determination of the permittivity and permeability of samples  in order to minimize measurement error. It is shown that the minimum error of the measurement can be  achieved with some optimal distance between the specimen and waveguide short, which depends on the  thickness of the plate and the values of material constants. It is also shown that for the purely dielectric  sample, calculation of the permittivity and permeability should be carried out simultaneously, without  specifying the latter a priori equal to the magnetic permeability of vacuum. The proposed method is applied  for measurement of the dielectric permittivity of Teflon.

Ryabushkin D. S., Sapiga  А. А., Sapiga Yu. А. 
Using the Initial Moments of Magnetic Resonance Line for Restoration of the Absorption  Spectrum in Solids
Dynamics of forming and feature of solid-echo of NMR in matters without the selected spin groupments are  investigated theoretically and experimentally. It is demonstrated good qualitative and quantitative consent of  results for the many-particle systems with dipole-dipole interaction.

Lysov V. I., Tsaregradskaya T. L., Turkov O. V., Saenko G. V.
Determination of Temperature and Temporal Interval of Stability of Structure and Properties  of Multicomponent Amorphous Alloys
The temperature-time intervals of stability of iron-based amorphous alloys were determined. A study of the  influence of heat treatment (thermal cycling, isothermal annealing, criotreatment) on the stability of  amorphous alloys was conducted. It was shown that these effects significantly increase the temperature of the  beginning of intensive crystallization of amorphous alloys. Increase of thermal stability of amorphous alloys is  explained by the fact that the treatment causes a shift of phase equilibrium in heterogeneous systems:  amorphous matrix-"frozen-in" centers of crystallization, accompanied by shrinkage of the "frozen-in" centers  of crystallization and homogenization of the alloy structure.

Krasnyuk I.B., Melnik T.N., Yurchenko V.M.
Evolution of Antiphase Ordered Domain Structures in Confined Binary Alloys
An initial boundary value problem with Dirichlet  or Neumann boundary conditions is considered. This  problem describes evolution of a nonconserved order parameter in binary alloys near the disordered phase. It  is shown that the problem has asymptotically oscillating stationary distributions of the order parameter. This  oscillation describes so-called antiphase boundaries (APB) in binary alloys. The corresponding phase diagram  is constructed. Particularly, it is shown that the temperature is a bifurcation parameter. The stationary  antiphase boundaries with a different number of oscillations between the walls confining the sample arise at  cooling in binary alloys on long time scales. Further, it is shown that if there is a small parameter of the  system, contrast structures are formed, i.e. step-constant asymptotically stationary distributions of APB.

Bolotin D. D., Maksimova E. M., Nauhatsky I. A., Strugatsky M. B. 
Effect of Surface Crystal Structure on Surfacemagnetism of Hematite
For hematite  α-Fe2O3monocrystals it was investigated the effect of surface reconstruction and the  crystallographic orientation of the face on the magnitude and sign of surface anisotropy energy. Two possible  types of face ends were considered. It was shown that accounting for the reconstruction of the surface allows  us to describe the experiment. Dependence of surface anisotropy energy on the angle that determines the  orientation of the face is of oscillatory form.

Yakovishin L. A., Rubinson M. A., Grishkovets V. I.
Research of Thermodynamics of the Molecular Complexation of Ivy Saponins by Spectrophotometry Method
Using a method of spectrophotometry, the equilibrium in aqueous solutions of ivy saponins hederagenin 3-O-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-α-L-arabinopyranoside (&3945;-hederin) and hederagenin 3-O-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-O-α-L-arabinopyranosyl-28-О-α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→4)-О-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→6)-О-β-D-glucopyranoside  (hederasaponin C) with sildenafil citrate was investigated for the first time. Thermodynamic parameters of complexation  process are calculated (stability and nonstability constants, Gibbs's free energy).

Maksimova E. M., Nauhatsky I. A., Strugatsky M. B., Mostovoy S. O. 
X-Rays Difraction Analysis of Pb-Doped Bone
X-rays difraction of regeneration of the rates’ mandible on a background of the plumbum poisoning and of the  antitoxic correction were studied.

Polulyakh S. N.
Random Phase Carr - Purcell Sequence for NMR in Magnetic Materials
Computer simulation is performed  for Carr - Purcell sequence with random phase oscillation of a. c. magnetic  field in exciting pulses. The reduction of disturbances in spin-echo amplitude due to small a. c. field  amplitude, in comparison with the inhomogeneous line width, is established. The possibilities to apply Carr -  Purcell sequence to study NMR in magnetic materials using non-coherent pulses generation is discussed.

Shostka V. I.
The Magnificent Organizer and Teacher (to the Centenary from the Date of Birth of  Badalyan R. G.)
In this paper is told about first dean of physical  department of Taurida National V. Vernadsky University  (Simferopol State University) in connection with centenary from the date of birth of R.G. Badalyan. In this  work are shown scientific and educational courses of  life, his contribution to the formation of physical  department of University and preparation of highly qualified personnel.