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Vol. 24 (63), No. 2. 2011

Physics and Mathematics Sciences.

Lelyakov A.P., Karpenko A.S.
Scalar Field Potential Distribution for a "Thick" Collapsing Null String
In this article, we have received, the general view of distribution of potential scalar field for "thick" null string collapsing in plane z = 0. Conditions on potential of a scalar field at which, within the limits of compression of a scalar field in one-dimensional object, the stress energy tensor components of a scalar field coincide with components stress energy tensor of the closed null string moving on the same trajectory are found.

Pushkarev A.B.
Localization of Gamma-Ray Emission in Active Galactic Nuclei
Combining observational data from ground radio interferometric observations, carried out at the aperture synthesis system VLBA (Very Large Baseline Array), together with space observations at the gamma-ray observatory Fermi, the high-energy (0.1-100 GeV) gamma-ray emission site in active galactic nuclei is localized and associated with the particle acceleration zone in relativistic outflows of these objects. It is found that the gamma-ray emission region is situated at a distance of several parsecs away from the central black hole.

Roshchupkin S.N.
The Perturbation Theory for N-Soliton Dynamics in B-Phase of Liquid He3
Dynamics for n-soliton in B-phase of liquid He3 is considered. It is shown, that first order terms of perturbative theory gives rise to deformation of soliton.

Fridman Yu.A., Meleshko A.G.
Phase Transitions in Strongly Anisotropic Magnet with Exchange Interaction of the "Zig-Zag" Type
We have studied the phase states of a strongly anisotropic antiferromagnet with complicated exchange interactions in an external magnetic field. It is shown that the inclusion of the exchange interaction of the "zig-zag" type does not energetically favorable realization of the ferromagnetic phase.

Ryabushkin D.S.
Using the Initial Moments of Magnetic Resonance Line for Restoration of the Absorption Spectrum in Solids
Dynamics of formation of the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) responses in systems with dipole-dipole interaction is theoretically investigated. The method of approximants was used for decision of the task. Free induction decay (FID) in multiparticle sample (using the second and fourth moments of the NMR line), as well as the FID of the model system with specially selected ratio of the second, fourth and sixth moments of the absorption line are evaluated.

Alexeyev C.N., Barshak E.V., Yavorsky M.A.
Evolution of Angular Momentum of Optical Vortices in Twisted Anisotropic Optical Fibres
It has been investigated the evolution of spin and orbital angular momentums of circularly-polarized optical vortices with unity topological charge in a twisted anisotropic optical fibres at the vicinity of the resonance values of the twist pitch. It is demonstrated that a conversion of angular momentums takes place and at a given value of anisotropy its efficiency essentially depends on the twist pitch. Such a conversion has the maximal efficiency at the coincidence of the twist pitch with the resonance value.

Alexeyev C.N., Boklag N.A., Yavorsky M.A.
Vector Theory of Fiber Waveguides with Optical Vortices
It is studied the evolution of circularly polarized optical vortices in the system of two coupled optical fibres. It is shown that upon propagation optical vortices tunnel into the adjacent fibre as a complex superposition of optical vortices that comprise also optical vortices of opposite polarization and topological charge. It is demonstrated that the initial optical vortex may tunnel into the other fibre as the same vortex state of lesser energy.

Alexeyev C.N., Lapin B.P., Yavorsky M.A.
Optical Vortices Generation by Twisted Elliptical Fibers
In this paper we have studied a conversion of a field's topological charge by twisted elliptical fibers (TEF). It has been shown that the topological charge of incident field is changed by +2 by TEF in the case of wavelength and grating parameter matching. The problem of fundamental mode passage through TEF of a finite length is solved, spectral characteristics are obtained. It has been shown that the twisted elliptical fiber can operate as a broadband generator of optical vortices with topologic charge +2 from the fundamental mode.

Rumyantsev V.V., Fedorov S.A., Voronkin A.S.
Polariton Spectrum Dependence upon Concentration of the Admixture in Imperfect 1D Photonic Liquid Crystal
Investigation of disorder effects in imperfect liquid superlattice allowing modeling the crystal properties is still of a great interest. We consider a model of liquid superlattice as a macroscopically homogeneous system with randomly included admixture layers. The virtual crystal approach which is the method to describe quasiparticle excitations in disorder media is used. Polariton spectrum of imperfect superlattice (which is onedimensional liquid crystal with two elements-layers in the cell) is obtained. Peculiarities of the dependence of band gap width on admixture layers concentration have been studied for different polariton branch. The results are the evidence of substantial polariton spectrum reconstruction caused by presence of defect layers.

Dzedolik I.V., Karakchieva O.S.
Polaritons in Nonlinear Dielectric, Magnetic and Bigyrotropic Medium
Polariton spectra in nonlinear dielectric, magnetic and bigyrotropic medium are investigated. The linear polarization of lattice, linear and nonlinear electronic polarization of ions in the medium under the influence of high-frequency electromagnetic field, static electric and magnetic fields are considered. It is shown that by changing of the strength of external static electric and magnetic fields and intensity of electromagnetic field it is possible to operate the polariton spectrum and polariton velocity.

Basiladze G.D., Berzhansky V.N., Dolgov A.I.
The Fiber-Optic Module of the Channels Switch on the Basis of the Epitaxial Film of the Ferrite of the Garnet
The optical module, which is capable to operate in the fiber-optic channel selector switch is experimentally realized and examined. The module is composed of four optical fibers and epitaxial films of ferrite garnet (EFFG) in which edges of the fibers are joined with the set input edge of EFFG. The length of the EFFG along the propagation path of a light is 3.88 mm, the width is 12 μm. The EFFG composed of (Bi Lu Ca)3 (Fe Ga)5 O12 possessed the magnetic anisotropy of the angular phase type and a field of saturation of about 50 Oe. The magnitude of faraday rotation in a saturation of magnetization on the of the wavelengths 1.31 and 1.55 μm at magnetizations of EFFG by the field in the direction of propagation of light was 270° (69,6°mm-1) and 225° (58,0 mm-1), accordingly. Thus the degree of polarization on the output EFFG attained magnitude 0.98. Light losses in optical circuit did not exceed 1.75 dB.

Ivanov M., Zinovyev A., Konovalenko V., Rubass A.
Displacement of Bessel-Gaussian Beams Array, Passed Through a Uniaxial Crystal
Array of the Bessel-Gaussian beams passing a uniaxial crystal was obtained and analyzed as aggregate of inclined beams. Dependence of angular displacement of partial beams on the parameters of initial Besse  beams and diaphragm is obtained. The optimal terms (number of beams and their relative diameter) of receipt of maximally effective angular displacement are obtained.

Shostka N.V.
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Polarized Laser Beams Passed the System "Uniaxial Crystal – Lens"
In this paper is used a simple method of generation of cylindrically polarized beams propagating along the optical axis of a uniaxial crystal. By varying the parameters of the system "сrystal – lens" the distance between two focuses with different polarization distributions was changed, and radially and azimuthally polarized beams were formed.

Vishnevskii V.G., Berzhansky V.N., Kozik G.P., Mikhailov V.I., Pankov F.M., Levyi S.V., Agalidi Yu.S.
Magneto-Optical Eddy Current Control: Methods of Introscopy and Magnetography
In this paper the eddy current introscopy and magnetography with using magneto-optical sensor on basis of bismuth garnet films are considered as applied to conducting non-ferromagnetic objects of control. In the experiments we used films of (Bi,Eu,Lu)3(Fe,Ga,Al)5O12 and (Bi,Tm)3(Fe,Ga)5O12 synthesized by liquid phase epitaxy method. A block schemes of the magneto-optical introscope and magnetograph are show. Films parameters, which are used to get the best results are presented. It is obtained eddy current magneto-optical images of defects in the test objects of control. Photos of these defects and their magneto-optical images obtained under different conditions are presented.

Popov V.V., Gomonaj E.V., Berzhansky V.N., Boyko V.A.
Changing the Magnetization Mechanism of the Torsionaly Stressed Amorphous Microwire on Direct Current
We investigated experimentally the dc current effect on GMI effect in amorphous microwires at microwaves. We have found that in microwires with the induced helical anisotropy two possible mechanisms of the magnetization reversal may exist depending on the value of the current. For small currents magnetization is followed by domain-wall displacement and magnetic hysteresis. For stronger currents only magnetization rotation processes are involved.

Vertegel I.G., Chesnokov E.D., Ovcharenko A.I., Pogrebnyak S.V., Ivanova L.S., Gnatenko Yu.P.
Concentration Changes of I127 NQR Spectrum Parameters for Mixed Layered Semiconductors (BiI3)(1-n)•(PbI2)n
The 127I NQR spectra at 77 K of the semiconducting layered crystals (BiI3)(1-n)•(PbI2)n in the wide interval concentrations 0 - 0.50 with step-type behavior 0.01 are presented in this work. It is shown that in the concentration range 0.05 - 0.10 the crystal (BiI3)(1-n)•(PbI2)n have properties of the doped crystal, which contain clusters within the layer PbI2. When the concentration impurity value equals to approximately 0.20, crystal (BiI3)(1-n)•(PbI2)n tests, so called, "concentration" phase transition. It is shown that, the new crystal (BiI3)(1-n)•(PbI2)n with fully or partially ordering atoms groups PbI2.

Shostak R.I., Yatsenko A.V.
The Peculiarities of the LiNbO3 Crystal Structure at the Temperatures below Room Temperature
Calculations of the local electric field according to the different scenario of LiNbO3 structure behavior at T<300K have been realized. It is shown that monotonous changes of the unit cell parameters, all coordinates of the oxygen ions and z-coordinate of the Li ion vs temperature is most adequately describe the results of experimental investigation of pyroelectric properties and 7Li NMR in the stoichiometric crystal.

Maksimova E.M., Nauhatsky I.A., Strugatsky M.B., Zubov V.E.
Dependence of Surface Anisotropy of Iron Borate FeBO3 on the Face Crystallographic Orientation
For single crystals of iron borate FeBO3, it was obtained and analyzed the orientation dependence of surface anisotropy energy for different crystallographic orientations of the crystal face. It was shown that the existence of orientational phase transitions on the angle of face orientation leads to change in the sign of the surface energy and to reorientation of the easy axis.

Strugatsky M.B., Yagupov S.V., Postivey N.S., Seleznyova K.A., Milyukova E.T., Yagupov V.S.
Monocrystal System FexGa1-xBO3 for Research in Solid State Physics
Experimentally by the method of solution-melt crystallization it was demonstrated the possibility of isomorphic substitution of magnetic ions of iron by diamagnetic ions of gallium in the compound FexGa1-xBO3 in the concentration range 0 ≤ x ≤ 1. The samples of crystals FexGa1-xBO3 were investigated by the methods of X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRFA) and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS).

Lagunov I.M., Lagunov S.I., Fadeyeva T.A.
Multipurpose Automated System for Optical and Magneto-Optical Researches
The article deals an automated system designed for the optical and magneto-optical researches. The system is based on the microprocessor unit, which includes analog and digital nodes. This nodes collect experimental data and the control of stepper motors.

Yevdokimov S.V., Pritulenko A.S., Sapiga A.A., Yatsenko A.V.
Device for Low and Ultra Low Frequency Impedance Investigation in Dielectric Materials
Simple device for the electrical properties and impedance investigation of dielectric materials with high electric resistivity in the frequency range (0.0001 ÷ 10000) Hz is described. Impedance values are obtained by the analysis of the frequency dependences of transmission coefficient and a phase shift of a circuit, which contains the investigated sample. The possibilities of designed device are illustrates by the results of the experimental investigation of LiNbO3 crystal, reduced in hydrogen atmosphere.

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