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Vol. 23 (62), No. 3. 2010
Physics and Mathematics Sciences.

Lelyakov A.P.
Distribution of Potential of a Scalar Field for "Thick" Null String of Constant Radius
In this article, we have received, the general view of distribution of potential scalar field for "thick" null string of constant radius which goes along an axis z and at each moment of time completely lays in a plane orthogonal this axis. Conditions on potential of a scalar field at which, within the limits of compression of a scalar field in one-dimensional object, the stress energy tensor components of a scalar field coincide with components stress energy tensor of the closed null string of the same radius are found.

Usachyov A.S., Lelyakov A.P.
Quadratic Form, Describing Gravitational Field of the Radially Expanding Closed Null String
In this work we have analyzed the quadratic form, metric functions and Einstein's equations, describing gravitational filed of the radially expanding closed null-string in the flat z = 0 . There is also shown the existence of many gravitational vacuum fields, satisfying the symmetries of the problem.

Pushkarev A.B.
Investigation of a Parsec-Scale Structure of the Quasar 1642+690
The observational data allowed to construct the radio images of the source, the map of spectral index distribution on a milliarcsecond scale, and also derive such physical parameters as brightness temperature, luminosity, angle to the line of sight, and jet opening angle.

Narmansky V.J.
Correlation of Weather, Climate and Planetary Cycles
The relationship of planetary configurations with the course of weather-climate in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Yekaterinburg. The article details the communication climate of St. Petersburg with a 32-year cycles Venus- Earth-Mars and the 83-year cycles of the planetary pair of Earth-Jupiter. Based on these findings concluded that - at this time (2010-2014 yy). Climate in St. Petersburg will have a connection with the course of climate in the intervals 1927-1931 and 1978-1982 yy. The standard error between the precomputed values and the  actual air C and by the standard°temperatures obtained by regression 2.0°C. deviation of 1.97°C.

Alexeyev C.N., Barshak E.V., Yavorsky M.A.
The Structure of the Modes and the Evolution of Optical Vortices in Optical Fibres with Acousto-Optic Interaction
The structure of the modes and the spectrum of the propagation constants of optical fibre with propagating acoustic flexural wave are established. On the basis of the obtained results an explanation was given of the experimentally observed effect of the mode conversion, which accompanies the corresponding optica  frequency shifting. The evolution of optical vortices in such fibres has been considered.

Alexeyev C.N., Yavorsky M.A., Boklag N.A.
Vector Theory of Higher Order Modes of Parallel Waveguides
It is studied the structure of hybrid higher order modes of two coupled weakly guiding identical optical fibres. The spectra of polarization corrections are calculated.

Dzedolik I.V., Karakchieva O.S., Mikulska J.P.
Polariton Spectrum Control in Dielectric Medium
The depending of spectrum electromagnetic pulse passed through a dielectric ionic crystal of cubic system on external electric field and temperature was researched on basis of polariton model. With a help of external electric field applied to the crystal one can control a spectral composition of the pulse. It can be used for creation of controlled filters in terahertz and optical wave ranges.

Kulish V.V., Tomchuk P.M.
One-Electron Optical Properties of Ellipsoid Metal Nanoshells
We investigate optical properties of nanoshells (small composite clusters composed of a dielectric core and a metal shell; contribution of the shell dominates in the optical properties of the whole cluster) in the frequency range far from plasmon resonance. In particular, nanoshells with the shape of a stretched rotation ellipsoid are considered. For such shell-type particle the electron wavefunction, the electron energy, the wavenumber spectrum, and the matrix elements of corresponding optical transitions were found. Using these quantities, the classical optical conductivity of such shells (the quantum effects are not considered) and the quantum optical conductivity (relevant addendums for the classical conductivity that are caused by the quantum effects like the electron spectrum discreteness) were found. Oscillating nature of the dependence of these addendums on the incident light frequency is established.

Krasnyuk I.B., Melnik T.N., Yurchenko V.M.
Ideal Turbulence in Nonlinear "Quantum" Physics of Polymers
The boundary-value problem for linear Schredingers equations with nonlinear conditions for wave functions has been considered. The boundary conditions produce surface spatial-temporal structures entering the volume of pattern which is ideal optical resonator or ideal mixture. The structures are asymptotically unstable but they exist on the times that are comparable with times of experiments. In optic such structures are known as dark and white solitons. In polymer physics an oscillating asymptotically stationary structures also are known as lamellar structures. It will be proved that for polymer blends there are surface-induced spatial-temporal structures of the lamellar type that may be produced by the surface processes of crystallization or melting.

Fridman Yu.A., Gorelikov G.A., Klevets Ph.N.
Influence of Biaxial Anisotropy on Phase States of Magnetoordering Crystal with S=1
In this article we investigated the influence of biaxial anisotropy on phase states of van Flex magnet.

Roshchupkin S.N.
The Constructing Correlation Function from its Frequency Moments
General theory of linear response function was described. We consider evolution of correlation function at short time. It is shown that correlation function may be constructing from its frequency moments.

Ryabushkin D.S.
Accuracy of Evaluation of NMR Line Moments in Solids
Theoretically investigated the question on accuracy of definition of the moments of a line of absorption of nuclear magnetic resonance in systems a) with Gauss distribution of casual fields on nuclei (in a rigid case and in presence of mobility of Markov character), b) two-spin systems with taking into account of the intermolecular interaction, c) the two-spin systems making casual jumps between two positions of balance. For all cases dependence of a share of the second and fourth moments, lost in noise, on the relation signal/noise is defined.

Ponomarenko V.I., Popov V.V., Skalskaya O.L.
Effective Dielectric Permittivity of Thin Strip in the Field of Longitudinal Electromagnetic Wave
We solved the scattering problem in a rectangular waveguide with a thin dielectric strip. It has been shown, that the dielectric strip may be considered as an infinite thin layer with the effective permittivity in a form of Dirac delta-function. A relation between parameters of the real strip and the effective permittivity of the infinitely thin layer has been established.

Belyaeva A.I., Galuza A.A., Savchenko A.A., Slatin A.A.
Influence of Deuterium Ions Bombardment on the Morphology and Optical Properties of Recrystallized Tungsten
The paper is devoted to investigation of deuterium ions bombardment influence on the structure and optical properties of the surface of recrystallized. Irradiation was carried out under at different samples temperature within 300÷700 К interval. Ellipsometry, reflectometry and microinterferometry were used as the principle experimental techniques. It was found that the temperature dependencies of the irradiated recrystallized tungsten optical properties have anomalous peculiarity in the neighborhood of 535 K temperature. It is shown that values of reflection coefficient measured directly and calculated after ellipsometric data differ qualitatively near this temperature. A physical model of the found phenomenon is suggested.

Bolotin D.D., Macksimova E.M., Strugatsky M.B.
Comparative Analysis of Crystalomagnetic Structure of Iron Borate and Hematite
Distinctions in the crystal and magnetic structure of rhombohedral antiferromagnetic crystals FeBO3 and α- Fe2O3 were analysed. It was shown that the considered structural features can determine the observed distinctions in magnetic properties of iron borate and hematite.

Yevstafyev O.,Preobrazhensky V.L., Pernod P., Berzhansky V.N.
Low Temperature Three Wave Magnetoelastc Coupling in FeBO3Single Crystal
Parametrical generation of coupled magnetoelastic wave triads has been studied experimentally and theoretically in FeBO3 single crystal under transversal electromagnetic pumping at the temperatures 77K – 293K. Theoretical calculations are in good agreement with experimentally obtained results. Magnetoelastic properties of the sample have been studied in low temperatures, nonlinear frequency shift of the resonance mode of iron borate sample has been researched.

Lysov V.I., Tsaregradskaya T.L., Turkov O.V., Saenko G.V.
Receipt of Nanocrystallic Materials a Way by Crystallization of Amorphous Alloys
With the purpose of development of methods of receipts of the nanocrystallic state by crystallization of amorphous alloys the row of experiments is conducted. By the highly sensitive dilatometric method temperatures of began intensive crystallization for initial standards and those, that passed heat treatment were certain. It is rotined that over the offered modes of heat treatment bring to the increase of stability of amorphous alloys, what the increase of temperature of beginning of intensive crystallization testifies to. Alloys in the nanocrystallic state by the offered modes of heat treatment which is confirmed the results of {-rays diffraction metods experiments were got.

Suchikova J.A., Kidalov V.V., Gaiсhuk A.S.
Polishing of Monocrystalline n-InP
In this paper the method of electrochemical polishing of single crystal n-InP. It is shown that when used as an electrolyte solution of hydrofluoric and hydrobromic acids, can achieve high quality polished surface. The mechanism non-selective electrochemical etching of semiconductors, the result of which is to receive a mirror smooth surface.

Yatsenko Y.I., Kidalov V.V., Sukach G.O.
Preparation and Investigation of the Porous Layer GAP
The paper presents a method of obtaining a porous layer on a monocrystalline surface of gallium phosphide by the method of electrochemical etching in a solution of HF: C2H5OH. The morphology and chemical composition of the surface. The experiment was established that was formed macroporous surface, its chemical composition showed that the porous layer is sufficiently stable to oxidation.

Berzhansky V.N., Vlasova T.A., Lagunov I.M.
The Automated System of Control and Experimental Data Registration in Physical Experiment
The multipurpose automated control system and registration of experimental data has been considered in the article. The system has been developed on the basis of the multifunctional AVR-microcontroller, modern precision analog-digital and digit-analog converters of different bit and has been made in laboratory of functional materials and fiber optics of Taurida V.Vernadsky National University.

Lyashko D.A., Alentiev D.V.
Programmatic Complex for Emulation of Spectrums of Ultraviolet Space Eshelle Spectorgraph «TUES»
The algorithm of modeling of transformation of light from the artificial object presented by the calculated theoretical spectrum through an optical path echelle spectrograph and its registration on a photodetector is described. The received image is presented in the form of standard FITS a file which can be used for a choice of an exposition and parameters of supervision of the real device, at a preset value of the relation a signal/noise.

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