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Vol. 21 (60), No. 1. 2008

Dzedolik I.V.
Optical Pulse with Control Transversal Structure of Field
The method of control of transversal distribution pulse field by external electric field is considered. The pulse is excited in a optical fiber on TE- or TM-mode and then it passes through the dielectric film based in the control device with azimutal or radial electric field. In the result of nonlinear electro-optical Pockels effect the external electric field interacts with corresponding component of pulse field that leads to changing of transversal field of the pulse.

Belyaeva A. I., Baranova K. V.
Domain Structure of Erbium Orthoferrite in Region of Spontaneous Spinreorientation Phase Transition
The domain structure rearrangement in the erbium orthoferrite (ab), (ac) and (bc) plates in the temperature interval T = T room÷ 5K and in spin (ac)- reorientation region in particular is presented at the first time. The data confirm that the Fe3+ spins rotate continuously from c to a axis staying in (ac) – plane in temperature range (T1 ,T2) , with two second-order phase transitions at T1 = 97K and T2 = 87K . Our data prove the purely magnetic origin of reorientation phase transition in ErFeO3, which is a typical example of Landau-type transitions. But due to the anisotropy of paramagnetic susceptibility of Er3+ subsystem to the molecular field of the ordered iron subsystem, rotation of the ferromagnetic moment F leads to the change of the magnitude of the Er3+ magnetization MEr. The total magnetization M = F - MEr decreases within a narrow spinreorientation temperature interval Δ T .

Galuza A.A., Galuza A.I.
Wide-Range Multiangle Automated Spectrophotometer- Reflectometer
The paper presents original automated double-channel spectrophotometer-reflectometer that allows to measure reflectance and transmission spectrums within wide spectral range at arbitrary incidence angles. Theoretical justification of the optical arrangement and thorough experimental testing results are given.

Alexeyev C.N., Lapin B.P., Yavorsky M.A.
Orbital Angular Momentum and Mode Conversion in Optical Fibers with Arbitrary Orientation of Form and Material Anisotropy Axes
It has been found the modes of elliptical anisotropic fibers at an arbitrary orientation of form and material anisotropy axes. It has been obtained the evolution of the orbital angular momentum of a superposition of an arbitrary superposition of l=1 optical vortices.

Belyaeva A. I., Baranova K.
Magnetic Properties of ErFeO3 in the Region of Spin-Reorientation Phase Transition (Single-Ion Model)
Results of direct observation of 90° spin reorientation of Er3+ spins in ErFeO3 by means of optical spectroscopy are presented. Absorption spectrum peculiarities of ErFeO3 are examined in region of 4I15/24F9/2 transition for Er3+ ion in temperature range of (ac)-spin reorientation. It is shown that spin reorientation phase transition (SRPT) is followed by ground and excited states splitting into Kramers doublets in iron exchange field. This fact is direct evidence that the SRPT has the purely magnetic origin. Experimental results were used for magnetic properties analysis of ErFeO3. The analysis showed that order of magnetic moment value, itЃfs modification in region of SRPT and existence of Troom can be explained on the quantum mechanics single-ion model, in which the Er3+ ion is treated as a system of 4f-electrons whose energy levels are determined by electrostatic and spin-orbit coupling by the crystal field of the site, and by magnetic perturbations.

Kudlenko A.D., Galuza A.A., Belyaeva A.I.
Software for Interferometric Study of Processes on the Surfaces of Solids after Irradiation
A "Linnik" software for automated interferograms processing is developed. The software is tasted on model objects. An amorphous metal sample irradiated with deuterium plasma ions was studied to approbate the software. Comparing with the analogues the "Linnik" software has some benefits when studying samples under radiation treatment.

Fridman Yu.A., Klevets Ph.N., Voytenko A.P.
Temperature Phase Diagram of U2Co15Si2
Temperature driven reorientation phase transitions in U2Co15Si2monocrystal are investigated. It is shown that three phases can realize in the system: the easy-plane, the easy-axis and the canted phases. The phase transitions between these phases are of the first kind. The temperatures of stability of the corresponding phases are calculated. The obtained results are in good agreement with the experimental data. The phase diagram is built and the Curie temperature is determined.

Zhovtan A.V., Roshchupkin S.N.
The Dynamic Chaos in the System Circular Cosmic Strings by a Dilatonic Black Hole
We consider scattering and capture of circular cosmic strings by a dilatonic black hole. We study the different types of trajectories and obtain the fractal dimension of the basin boundary separating the space of initial conditions according to the different asymptotic outcomes.

Lelyakov A.P.
The Analysis of System Einstein Equations for the Closed Null-String of Constant Radius
In this article, we analyzed the system of Einstein equations for closed null string of constant radius which goes along an axis z and at each moment of time completely lays in a plane, orthogonal this axis. As a result of the carried out analysis conditions which required metric functions are determined should to satisfy and also the exact solutions of Einstein equations satisfying the found conditions is given.

Petrash A.N., RoshchupkinS.N.
Cosmic Null String in the Gravitational Field Rotating Black Hole in Weak Field Approximation
We study the deformation of a cosmic null string by a nearly rotating black hole in the weak field approximation. The general null string equations were find. It is shown that null string solution do not depend from black hole mass.

Zhovtan A.V., Lelyakov A.P., Petrash A.N., RoshchupkinS.N.
The Dark Universe
Recent observational studies of distant supernovae have suggested the existence of cosmic vacuum whose energy density exceeds the total density of all the other energy components in the Universe. The vacuum produces the field of anti-gravity that cause the cosmological expansion to accelerate. It is this accelerated expansion that has been discovered in the observations. The discovery of cosmic vacuum changes radically our current understanding of the present state of the Universe.

Sapiga A.A., Sapiga A.V.
Multifunctional Complete Set of Virtual Devices in a Laboratory Practical Work on General Physics
In this article it is described the application of virtual complete set of devices in a laboratory practical work on basis of the AVR-RISC microcontroller. The complete set of devices includes: the multirange voltmeter and ammeter, sound, pulsing and functional generators.

Terez E.I., Terez G.A., Lagunova M.I.
Determination of the Rayleigh Scattering of the Earth Atmosphere while Photometric Observations
A review of investigations on determination of the Rayleigh atmospheric optical depth has been made in the paper. It is shown that in calculations of the value of the Rayleigh scattering especially in the blue and ultraviolet spectral regions there exists an uncertainty. To redetermine theoretic formulae it is suggested to make accurate photometric observations in places with very high atmospheric transparency, for example, at the Antarctic station "Academician Vernadsky". The evaluation of possible errors in determining the Rayleigh optical depth of the atmosphere has been made with applying in calculations an average elevation of the observational site.

Ol'shevski M., Sergeev N. A., Levchenko D. A., Sapiga A. V.
NMR Lineshape in the Solids at Presence of Molecular Mobility
In the article is described procedure of getting expression of temperature transformations NMR lineshape in solids, containing n of nonequivalence positions of molecules of water. Got general expression for the NMR lineshape correctly takes into account both intramolecular and intermolecular dipole interaction of water molecules at presence of molecular mobility.

Yatsenko A.A., Yevdokimov S.V., Yatsenko A.V
Peculiarities of the Temperature Dependence of the Spontaneous Polarization of BaTiO3 Crystals with High Hydrogen Concentration
Investigations of the temperature dependence of the spontaneous polarization and the pyroelectric coefficient for ferroelectric BaTiO3 with high hydrogen concentration were carried out. It is shown, that the values of Po and γ1 for the investigated crystal are essentially smaller, than the known ones. The presence of the remain spontaneous polarization at T>TC was found and the reasons of this effect are discussed It is supposed, that the presence of H+ ions in the crystal structure leads to the formation of specific defect complexes with inclusion of Ti3+ polaron and OH- group.

Khrypko S.L. Zholudev G.K.
Electrical and Optical Properties Undoped Zinc Oxide Films Have Been Synthesized by Using Spray Pyrolysis
Electrical and optical properties undoped zinc oxide films have been synthesized by using 0,15M aqueous solution of zinc acetate using spray pyrolysis technique were studied. The room temperature sheet resistivity is of order of (2,2-10) 10-5 Ом/м. Estimated band gap energy from optical absorption date is around 3,23 eV. The optical transmission characteristics of the ZnO thin films showed 90-96% in visible and infrared ranges. Key words: zinc oxide films, resistivity, optical properties, spray pyrolysis.

Berzhansky V.N., Sorokin Yu.V.
Empirical Dependences of Contributions s- and d- Mechanisms in Hyperfine Magnetic Fields on Nucleus of Chrome by means of Software Package ADF
The method quantum chemical calculation with use of program ADF studies mechanisms influence of the covalent impurities in 3d and 4s shells on an effective magnetic field on nucleus of an ion of chrome.

Shaposhnikov A.N., Prokopov A.R., Berzhansky V.N., Karavaynicov A.V., Yagupov V.S.
Heterogeneity of Magnetic Characteristics on Different Depth of High-Coercivity Monocrystal Films of Ferrite Garnets
Magnetic characteristics of monocrystal films (BiSmLu)3(FeGaAl)5O12 for thermomagnetic record devices are investigated. A film grew up on substrates Gd3Ga5O12 of orientation (111) from supercooled solutionmelt on the basis of solvent PbO-B2O3-Bi2O3. Magnetic characteristics of films (coercive force, Faraday rotation, temperature of the magnetic moment compensation, Curie temperature) on different depth determined rotation at level-by-level ionic etching on magnetooptic loops of a hysteresis. It is established magnetic characteristics films change on thickness, that, apparently, is caused by non-uniform distribution garnet forming elements along an axis of film growth which, in turn, depends on conditions of growth in particular temperatures of overcooling and time of homogenization of a solution-melt.

Semuk Ye.Yu., Berzhansky V.N., Prokopov A.R.
Peculiarity of Magnetization Process in Epitaxial Garnet Films with "Angle Phase" Anisotropy
A presence of magnetic layers in "angle phase" anisotropy epitaxial garnet ferrite films (111) was determinated with the method of ferromagnetic resonance. For each layer the uniaxial anisotropy constants of magnetic crystallographic anisotropy Ku , magnetization Ms and gyromagnetic ratio γ are determined for the samples with FMR method. It is rotined that there is two layers structures are with realization of constants of magnetic anisotropy of opposite signs in them.

Basiladze G.D., Berzhansky V.N., Dolgov A.I., Miljukova E.T.
The Analysis of Cores in Center of Biconical Narrowing Single-Mode Fiber-Optical Splitter
Results of research of the cross-section cuts made in the center of biconical narrowed two-channel waveguide structures are presented. Structures are received by fusing together with a stretching of two single-mode quartz fibers with different concentration GeO2 in cores. It is shown, that the cross-section sizes of cores in narrowing are various. It is supposed, that observable in experiments on fusing of biconical narrowed single-mode splitters 2х2 dependence of interwaveguide connection maximum in from fusing conditions caused by change of a parity of the cores sizes.

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