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Vol. 20 (59), No. 1. 2007

Zhovtan A.V., RoshchupkinS.N.
Einstein-Maxwell Gravitational Backgrounds and Vorton Dynamics
A general family of charge-current carrying string model is investigated. In the special case of circular configurations in axially symmetric Einstein-Maxwell gravitational backgrounds the dynamics is determined by simple point particle Hamiltonians.

Lelyakov A.P.
External Solutions of Einstein Equations for the Closed Null String of Constant Radius
In this article, we have received the external solution of Einstein equations for closed null string of constant radius which goes along an axis z and at each moment of time completely lays in a plane, orthogonal this axis.

Lelyakov A.P. Roshchupkin S.N.
The Dyonic Black Hole and Static Exact String Configurations
The static solutions for equations of motion and constraints in four-dimensional space-time of dyonic black hole are find.

Alexeev C.N., Yavorsky M.A.
Structure and Spectrum of the Fundamental Mode of Twisted Ideal Fibres
The analytic solution of the vector wave equation for twisted ideal fibre by means of perturbation theory with degeneracy has been established. It is demonstrated that the correct account of the vectorial term in wave equation provided small renormalization of the propagation constant spectrum, while the mode structure is the same as in the scalar approximation. The presence of optical vortices with topological charge ±1 in the longitudinal component of mode fields is shown.

Berzhansky V.N., Vlasova T.A., Gorbovanov A.I., Norden D.V., Polulyakh S.N., Aminov T.G., Busheva E.V., Shabunina G.G.
The Effect of Antimony Ions on Magnetic Properties and Carrier Transfer Processes in Cuprum Chalcogenide Spinels Chromites
A study has been made of the magnetic and transport properties of cuprum chalcogenide spinels chromites with antimony heterovalent doping .It is shown that concentration dependences of Curie temperature, NMRspectra both 53Cr and 65,63Cu, electric conductivity can be justify on the basis of change of Cr3+/Cr4+ ratio at compensation of antimony valence.

Ponomarenko V.I., Popov V.V.
A Scattering Problem in Rectangular Waveguide for 2d-Inhomogeneous Metal-Dielectric Cylinder
We have solved a problem of scattering of H-waves on a metal-dielectric cylinder that is inhomogeneous within the cross shape and loaded perpendicular to waveguide broader wall. The method is based on representing the cylinder as a set of extraneous currents.

Pankratov A.K., Strugatsky M.B., Yagupov S.V.
Gas-Phase Synthesis and Morphology of Isometric Iron Borate Monocrystals
Isometric Iron Borate monocrystals suitable for investigations of surface magnetism and magnetoacoustic effects have been synthesized. It has been researched morphologic peculiarities of the samples obtained.

Strugatsky M.B., Yagupov S.V., Naukhatsky I.A., Nepevnaya N.S.
Magnetizing of Axially Stressed Iron Borate Monocrystal
Magnetization curves in axially stressed weakly ferromagnetic Iron Borate monocrystal have been investigated in the case of arbitrary angle between magnetic field and axial pressure, applied simultaneously in basal plane of the sample. Obtained experimental results are in good correlation with developed theory.

Shostak R.I., Yatsenko A.V.
Peculiarities of Electronic Polarizability of Oxygen Ion in LiNbO3 Crystals
The factors influenced the electronic polarizability of oxygen ions in lithium niobate crystals are considered. It is concluded, that not only the changes of the (Nb – O) bond length is influenced DEP of oxygen ion, but the thermoinduced mobility of its outer electrons too.

Ryabushkin D.S., Sapiga A.V.
Restoration of the NMR Signal with Help of Magnetic Resonance Line Moments
In this article it is described the procedure of restoration of NMR signal with the using of one initial moments of the magnetic resonance line. It is done comparison with known data.

Strugatsky M.B., Yatsenko A.A.
Quantum Mechanical Calculation of Electrostatic Characteristics of BaTiO3
On the base of the quantum mechanical variational principle the dielectric characteristics of the ferroelectric crystal of barium titanate have been calculated. The comparing of the results of calculation with the experimental data are carried out. Correctness of the used approximations is analyzed.

Bykov M.A., Mazinov A.S., Karavaynikov A.V.
Сhange of Properties of Amorphous Silicon Structure Depending on Concentration of Hydrogen in Plasma
Influence of various concentration of hydrogen in argon-hydrogen plasma on electric and optical properties of the tapes of hydrogenated amorphous silicon, received by a method magnetron dispersions is investigated at the area of structures up to 30 sm2. At films a-Si:H, besieged at the maximal concentration of hydrogen in the chamber, values of optical width of the forbidden zone (Eg) and energy of activation (Еа) have increased till 1.75 eV and 0.25 eV, accordingly. Thus the width of a spectrum has increased, and the factor of absorption has changed.

Maksimova Е.М.
X-Rays Structure Analyses of Ferrite Borate Crystals with Additions
By using of X-rays structure method the crystal structure of ferrite borate crystals with addition of gallium have been investigating.

Stadnik I.P., Zhiltsov A.V., Gorskaya I. Yu.
Mathematical Model for Calculation of the Force's Characteristic of the Electromagnet of with a Big Motion by a Method of Integral Equations
Abstract: the improved mathematical model for calculation of a magnetic field in an electromagnet of a direct current and its application to build-up of the force's characteristic is offered. Simultaneous using of additional relations for the secondary radiants obtained from integrated laws of a field to boundary integral equations in aggregate with a decomposition of the area occupied with a magnetic circuit, on area with a stationary magnetic conductivity and with coefficient of a relaxation for diminution of influence of nonlinearity of ferromagnetic allows to yield calculations with a high degree of accuracy.

Redin M.I.
The Analysis of Spherical Reflector Current Distribution with Conical Spiral Radiator Dynamics
In this article the surface current distribution on spherical reflector with conical irradiator is analyzed. Based on this particular analysis to use antenna array with little quantity of conical spiral elements is proposed in order to get better antenna gain.

Rudenko V. V., Berzhansky V. N., Polulyakh S. N., Pernod P., Preobrazhensky V. L.
Parametrical Magnetoelastic Interaction in Porous and Composite Materials
Parametric interaction between electromagnetic pumping field and magnetoelastic oscillations in the Tb0.3Dy0.7Fe2 (Terfenol-D) based composite and porous ferrite of Fe1.943Ni0.945Co0.026Sm0.059О4 structure is studied experimentally with the original pulse method. Measured magnetoacoustical parameters including sound velocity sensitivity on pumping AC magnetic field are given. Application of studied materials in ultrasonics for acoustic matching of parametric wave phase conjugators with water is discussed.

Berzhansky V.N., Prokopov A.R., Semuk E.Yu.
Peculiarity of Magnetization Process in Epitaxial Garnet Films with "Angle Phase" Anisotropy
In this work, we have magnetooptically researched the "angle phase" anisotropy epitaxial garnet ferrite films (111). When switched with a constant magnetic field directed at different angles relative the plane normal, films with “angle phase” anisotropy show transitions of domain structure through intermediate single-domain states. The magnetic anisotropy constants are determined for the samples with FMR method. Taking into account the measured constants, we have calculated the zones where homogeneous states exist giving evidence to the possibility of such transition. We have demonstrated that the major factor responsible for existence of transition through intermediate single-domain states is the ratio of values of cubic and uniaxial anisotropy constants of magnetic crystallographic anisotropy.

Khripko S.L.
Raman Scattering of Porous Silicon on p – Type Substrates
Raman scattering of porous Si with porosity from 20 % to 70% prepared on p- and p+ - Si (111) substrates have been investigated. Morphology nanocrystallits of porous Si was explained by levels of doping and have view wires of 6 – 9 nm diameter or spheres of 3 – 5 nm diameter. Lines from samples of higher porosity are broader and have a lower red shift.