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Vol. 19 (58), No. 1. 2006

Kovalenko V.F., Mozhyrovskiy M.V., Tychko O.V.
Photoinduced Changes of Magnetic Anisotropy in Magnetically Ordered Cubic (001)-Crystals
Complete research of photoinduced magnetic anisotropy changes influenced by linearly polarized optical radiation with arbitrary oriented polarization vector in (001)-plane of cubic magnetically ordered crystal is presented. Results are obtained for crystal with arbitrary initial state.

Bar'yahtar V.D., Gorobets Yu.I., Dgegerya Yu.I., Reshetnyac S.A., Sorocin M.V.
Method of Measurements of Parameters of Anisotropy of Single Layer and Multilayer Ferrite-Garnet Films
The paper is devoted to the development of the method of measurements of magnetic anisotropy of multilayer ferrite-garnet films. The magnetic system state is determined from the analysis of the angle dependence of frequency of self-oscillator the oscillating circuit of which contains the coil with a sample. Because, all system layers affect the measurements cumulatively, the single layer contribution can be extracted only in case of its enhancement. It is possible only under the orientation phase transition. Such an approach has been used in the present work.
This work was initiated by S.V. Dubinko for test control implementation in manufacturing. The authors and the director of the Institute of magnetism V.G. Baryahtar express our thanks to Dr. Dubinko, our friend and colleague.

Agalidi U.S., Lyeryy S.V., Machnyev A.M.
Signal and Noise Investigation Method for Magneto-Optic Defectoscopy.
Signal and noise investigation method is proposed for relief mark images. Images are obtain by magnetic-optical visualization of magnetogram dispersion fields. Method is based on statistic processing of image frames.

Berzhansky V.N., Vishnevsky V.G., Danishevska H.V.
Light Diffraction on Fractal Structures in High Coercive Garnet Films
In this paper light diffraction on static and dynamic fractal structures in high coercive garnet films has been considered for typical samples with a mismatch of constants a film – substance ·a=0,098A.

Fridman Yu.A., Matyunin D.A., Klevets Ph.N.
Phase Diagrams 2D Non-Heisenberg One-Axis Ferromagnet
The phase states and the spectra of elementary excitations of a 2D non-Heisenberg ferromagnet were investigated in this article. It was shown that the single-ion anisotropy essentially affects both, the material constants, and the magnetic field, were determined. The phase diagrams of the system were plotted.

Nesteruk A.G., Vishnevsky V.G., Nedviga A.S.
Peculiarities of Morphology in Strain Epitaxial Ferrite-Garnet Films, which Observed with a Help of Interference Microscopy
The factors which determine the coercivity induced in ferrite-garnet films at the epitaxy process due to a high value of the film-substrate crystalline constants mismatch are considered. Using a selective etching method and a morphological analysis with a help of interference microscope some features of misfit dislocation forming are revealed. The conclusion that it is a limit of space resolution at thermomagnetic data recording exists is explained by the block structure existence in the films.

Ubizskii S.B., Pavlyk L.P., Hristoforou E.
Modeling of Rotating Magnetization Reversal of Single Crystalline Iron Garnet Film as the Magnetic Field Transducer Core
The work presents the harmonic response signal analysis of magnetic field ferromodulation transducer with core of epitaxial iron garnet film. Dual element transducer configurations are considered, that allows to compensate parasitic odd harmonics, as well as to measure separately one, two or all three components of homogeneous magnetic field.

Strugatsky M.B., Yagupov S.V.
Solution-in-Melt Synthesis of Iron Borate Monocrystals
On the basis of synthesis from solution in melt it has been found the conditions and grown iron borate large monocrystals of high structural perfection suitable for use in synchrotron, optical and acoustic experiments.

Belyaeva A.I., Galuza A.A.
Multicriteria Approach to Formulation and Solution of Multilayer Coatings Synthesis Problem
New effective synthesis technique of a multilayer systems is developed. The basic characteristics of a system spectrum are used as criteria of quality to formulate multicriteria optimization problem. It is shown, that the preliminary analysis of concrete system allows to simplify the optimization procedure essentially and to obtain single solution of the problem. A set of examples illustrated how the developed technique can be adopted to synthesis of any system with specific requirements. Physical reasons of the deviations of experimentally realized from the synthesized system are formulated.

Strugatsky M.B.
Magnetic States of Iron Borate in Conditions of High Hydrostatic Pressure with Axial Component
Magnetic states of iron borate, induced by high quasi-hydrostatic pressure, have been investigated theoretically. It has been shown that axial component of the pressure can generate in some cases the deflection of atomic magnetic moments from basal plane of the crystal. It has been found as well that hydrostatic pressure must not influence on magnetic moments orientation. Obtained results are in qualitative agreement with existent experiments.

Sergeev N.A., Polulyakh S.N.
Interaction Sula – Nakamuri and Spin Relaxation in Magnetics, Containing Ions with Variable Valency
Theoretical analysis of the nuclear magnetic relaxation processes, caused by the stochastic modulation of the Suhl-Nakamura and dipole interactions between nuclei in the magnetically ordered substances is performed. It is assumed, the modulation is caused by the effects of the variable valence, which lead to a random change of the frequency of the magnetic resonance of nuclei in the doped magnetic materials. Under the scope of the approach proposed, it is shown that the experimentally observed rates of relaxation for NMR of 57Fe nuclei in the iron-yttrium ferrite-garnet at+ T=77 K can be obtained with the value of the Suhl-Nakamura broadening of the order of several hundred of kHz.

Basiladze G.D., Berzhansky V.N., Dolgov A.I.
Single Mode Fiber Optic Coupler with Given Splitting of Optical Power on the Wave-Lengths of 1,31 and 1,55
In the article the authors experimentally proved the possibility to make single mode coupler with port configuration 1x2 with the required of the optical power for each of the two working wave-lengths of 1,31 and 1,55 ·m. The technology applied in the experiments is based on the method of fabricating fused biconically tapered fiber-optic couplers.

Dzedolik L.V.
Dielectric Film as a Photon Crystal
It is shown that polariton periodic spatial wave is generated by an electromagnetic pump wave putting on an edge of amorphous dielectric film. The film permittivity is incremented in the areas of intensity maxima of the pump wave field till comparisons with areas of the wave minima. The weakly signal electromagnetic wave that putting on a surface of the film will diffract on the inhomogeneities of permittivity that formed a superlattice. Thus the spectrum of polaritons that excited by signal wave will have bands of allowed and forbidden frequencies as the film represents a photon crystal. The shape of the polariton spectrum can be controlled with the help of an exterior electric field.

Strugatsky M.B., Skibinsky K.M.
Calculation of Axial Magnetic Anisotropy Induced by Mechanical Stresses in Iron Borate
Expressions connecting axial magnetic anisotropy constant and external mechanical stresses causing the anisotropy in the basal plane of Iron Borate have been found. On the basis of the expressions values of the stresses arising from boundary conditions in experiments of magnetic birefringence of sound in FeBO3 monocrystal have been estimated. Dependence of magnetic mode of acoustic wave velocity on applied pressure has been investigation.