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Vol. 17-18 (56-57), No. 1. 2005

Roshchupkin S.N.
PP - Wines and Strings Dynamics
Exact solutions describing dynamics of an open string in a gravitational field of PP-waves are found. It is shown, that action of PP-waves on a string is equivalent to action of the anisotropic environment.

Lelyakov A.P.
Dynamics of a Tensil String in the Planar Symmetry Spaces
In this article, we have received the exact solution of the equations of motion of a cosmic string in a gravitational field "thick" planar symmetry objects which arise in massless. real scalar field, in a case when the string at each moment of time t completely lays in a plane x,y.

Zhovtan A.V., Roshchupkin S.N.
The Exact Solutions Describing Dynamics of a Cosmic String in Rindlere Space-Time
Solutions of the equations of movement and connections for a string in Rindlere space-time are found.

Zhovtan A.V., Lelyakov A.P., Roshchupkin S.N.
Null-String in the Field of Plane Weakly Singularity Gravitational Wave
General exact solution that describes a dynamics of null-string in the field of plane gravitational wave with weak singularity is found. Farther, are shown that dynamics of the null-strings are described by regular functions near singularity of the gravitational wave.

Fridman Yu.A., Kosmachev O.A., Kozhtemyako O.V.
Phase States of a Biaxial Non-Heisenberg Ferromagnet with Equal Constants of Heisenberg and Biquadratic Coupling
We investigate the phase states and spectra of coupled magnetoelastic waves of a biaxial ferromagnet with a biquadratic exchange, assuming that the constants of Heisenberg and biquadratic interactions are approximately equal. We show that in tins case the fields of transitions from different phase states coincide, and the implementation of a quadrupolar-ferromagnetic phase is energetically unfavorable. At such relation between material constants there realize only ferromagnetic and quadmpolar phases in the system. The phase transition between these phases is of the first order.

Fridman Yu.A., Klevets Ph.N., Matunin D.A.
Formation of Spatially Inhomogenious States in 2D Non-Heisenberg Magnetics
Influence of the magnetodipolar interaction on the phase states of a 2D non-Heisenberg ferromagnetic is investigated. It is shown that in the system considered both the homogeneous states (ferromagnetic or quadrupolar) and the spatially lnliomogeneous ones can be realized. Thus, spatial lnhomogeneity is related with the distribution of the quadrupolar order parameter.

Alekseev K.N., Yavorsky M.A.
Non-Adiabatic Phase Correction to the Topological Berry's Phase in Spiral Optical Fibres
The perturbation theory for spiral optical fibres is developed. It is demonstrated that the non-adiabatic phase correction to the topological Berry's phase includes a term describing hybridization of a spin-orbit interaction and geometrical effects.

Gorskaya I.U., Fursenko A.V.
Calculation of Vector Magnetic Potential Infinite Cylindrical Layer of Current at the Presence of the Short Ferromagnetic Cylinder
The design procedure of a magnetic field infinite cylindrical layer of current is offered at the presence of the short ferromagnetic cylinder. Numerically integrated equation concerning distribution of microcurrents to surfaces of the ferromagnetic cylinder is solved. At essentially increased length of the cylinder comparison of the received numerical decision of a three-dimensional problem with the analytical decision of a similar two-dimensional problem is carried out. Diagrams of distribution of vector potential in volume of the ferromagnetic cylinder are given.

Ponomarenko V.l., Popov V.V., Vinogorodsky D.F.
Usage of an Inductive Post and Strip as an Element of Waveguide Quasiresonator
The solutions of the waveguide diffraction problems for the symmetrical inductive strip and post have been obtained. The resonance characteristics of a quasiresonator on the base of rectangular waveguide excited through an inductive element were simulated by computer. An ability of using the inductive strip or post as an element with the known scattering matrix for measuring the complex reflection coefficient by the multiresonance method has been clearly shown.

Ponomarenko V.l., Popov V.V.
A Resonance Method for Measuring the Scattering Matrix of a Directional Coupler
We have suggested a method for measuring the complex reflection and transmission coefficients of the coupling area of a rectangular waveguide with a directional coupler. The method is based on measuring the resonance characteristics of shorted quasiresonator excited through an inductive diaphragm. We have experimentally measured the scattering matrix of the directional couplers from the SNA R2-54/3 assembly.

Lyashko D.A.
Making and Examination Echelle Spectrum of the Artificial Star
The algotitlim of superposition of a synthetie spectrum of a star on echelle spectrum of a flat field lamp. Processing of the obtained spectrum is providing by program StarXP. The ration signal / noise, a spectral solution, quality of earning out of a continuum for the obtained spectrum is explored.

Popov V.V., Rudenko V.V., Ponomarenko V.l., Vinogorodsky D.F.
A Scalar Network Analyzer for Waveguide Measurements
A cost-effective solution for scalar network measurements is proposed. An analyzer proposed in the paper is intended for gaining and detecting the signal from a waveguide power detector. The analyzer is connected to a personal computer via the FPT-interface and has a 12-bit resolution per channel. A method for calibrating the analyzer is also proposed. The method is based on measurements of the magnitude of the field in a quasi-resonator for several values of the magnitude of the exciting wave. A rotary vane attenuator is used to set-up the magnitude of the exciting wave. This calibration significantly extends the dynamic range of the analyzer.

Berzhansky V. N., Pohilyakh S. N., Tupitsin Yu. V.
Formation of Two Pulses Nuclear Spin-Echo Signals in Yitrium-Garnet Films
The behaviour of nuclear spin echo at large angle of spins rotation on an example of ions Fe3+ in YIG film is investigated. It is revealed that the echo amplitude falls down with growth of a angle of rotation. It is shown, that the reason of such behaviour is nonumformity of an intrinsic radio-frequency field.

Redin M.I.
General Relations for Geometrical Parameters of an Equal-Stepped Conical Spiral Antenna
The main equation illustrating equal-stepped conical spiral structure geometry is submitted in tins paper. The written relations make us able to perform conical spiral antenna in the comfortable and easy way to numerical integrating.

Dzedolik I. V.
Flow of Polaritons in Linear and Nonlinear Medium
The photons propagated in a transparent dielectric medium are considered as polaritons. The Vigner distribution function for the polanton flow is found. Kinetic equation, characteristic and hydrodynamic equations are obtained. It is shown that regarding the quantum effects, the flow density and its local speed depend from time and coordinates in a linear and nonlinear medium.

Berzhansky V.N., Polulyakh S.N., Preobrazhensky V.L., Rudenko V.V.
The Automized Pulse Ultrasonic Spectrometer with Induction Excitation for Examination of Magnetic Materials
The automized pulse spectrometer with induction excitation for examination of magnetoelastic oscillations in magnetics was designed and manufactured. The induction method of excitation and registration of oscillations does not demand application of piezoelectric transducers that excludes presence of additional mechanical tensiones. The method allows to investigate both frequency and dissipative performances of substances. As an example there was a sample of the nickel ferrite doped by cobalt, copper and samarium. The dependences of resonance frequencies and damping time on an exterior magnetic field for the sample were measured.