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Vol. 14 (53), No. 1. 2001

Berzhansky V.N., Sorokin Yu.V.
Hyperfme Interactions and Covalency Effects in the Chromium Chalcogenide Spinels
Using the LCAO method, obtained the expressions contributions at supcrexchange interactions of ions chromium with next anions and cations in the chromium chalcogenide spinels.

Ryabushkin  D.S., Borisov V.V.
Approximants Method in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Theory
In this paper the peculiarities of formation of two-pulse NMR responses in heteronuclear solids containing two types of magnetic nuclei are investigated.

Fridman Yu.A., Kosmachev O.A.
Influence of External Pressure on Phase States and Spectral Lows of Ferromagnet with Complicated Single-Ion Anisotropy
In the paper the phase transitions on pressure in ferromagnet with complicated single-ion anisotropy with account of inclined anisotropy are investigated. It is found that in the system under investigation only two magnetic phases may realize, and external pressure creates effective anisotropy.

Fridman Yu.A., Klevet Ph.N. Spirin D.V.
Reorientation Phase Transition on Temperature in Two-Dimensional Ferromagnet with the Account of High-Order Anisotropy 
The reorientation phase transitions on temperature in thin films (with thickness of few monolayers) are investigated in the paper, ft is shown that the account of high-order anisotropy and magnetoelastic interaction leads to the realization of angular phase in the system. The phase transitions in the system under study are of the first order and their characteristry are determined mainly by elastic and magnetoelastic parameters.
Arifov L.Ya., Lelyakov A.P.. Roschupkin C.N.
The Dynamics for Closed String in Peress Space -Time
In this article, in single approximation, we find solutions of motion equations for closed string moving in Peress space - time on the perturbation theory, where role of a small parameter plays siring tension.

Zinchenko E.N., Roschupkin S.N.
The Singular Perturbation Theory and String Dynamics of Rindler Area
In this article, in single approximation, we find the solutions of motion equations for closed string moving in Ringler space - time.

Mueller I.V., Novender W.R., Bazhenov B.M., Dolgosheev A.T.
About the Theorem Sirl
The field inside the dielectric cylinder is shown to be the "transformation" of the field of external sources.

Glumova M.T., Vorobev М.D.
A Research of Influence of an Issuing Non-Uniformity of the Cathode per Volt-Ampere Performances of Electroless Electronicses
In the article the research of influence issuing of the cathode per volt-ampere performances (current-voltage characteristic) is adduced, the fulfilment which one has become possible only with usage by the designed writers of numerical dynamic model of electron-beam tubes.

Ponomarenko V.l., Popov V.V.
Single-Layer Radioabsorbing Coatings on the Basis of Two-Level Composites
Optimum parameters and radiotechnical characteristic of single-layer radioabsorbers are researched. Composites containing conductive inclusions, distributed in the environment being artificial dielectric on the basis of inclusions of the same type, and also in the dielectric environment with a dispersion of a resonant type were researched.

Dzedolik I.V., Lapaeva S.N.
Dynamicsof Gaussian Pulses, which are Excited on the Basic and the Highest Modes in Optical Fiber
In the paper two regimes of the transmitting of the Gaussian pulses without and with the initial frequency modulation in the graded-index fiber are researched. The tail wave surface of the pulse without the initial frequency modulation falls behind the top wave surface and the front wave, surface passes ahead of the top wave surface. The tail wave surface of the pulse with the initial frequency modulation passes ahead the top wave surface and the front wave surface falls behind of the top surface, i.e. the regime of the pulse wave front inversion appears.

Skibinsky K.M., Strugatsky hi.В., Khizhnyi V.l., Tarakanov V.V.
Amplitude - Frequency Characteristic of Iron Borate Under Magnetic Birefringence of Transverse Sound
In experiment on magnetic birefringence of transverse sound amplitude-frequency characteristic curve was found. Constructed theory describes the experiment adequately.

Shostak R.I. and Yatsenko A.V.
On the Temperature Dependence of the Components of the Electronic Polarizability Tensor of O2- Ions in Ferroelectric LiNb03 Crystal
Temperature dependences of the principal components of the electronic polarizability tensor of the O2- ions in stoichiometric LiNb03 crystal are calculated. It is shown, that the anisotropy of the electronic polarizability of the 02- ions is closely influenced by the length of the shortest (Nb - O) bonds.

Yevdokimov S.V. and Yatsenko A.V.
Investigation of the Photoiduced Macroscopic Electric Field in LiNb03 Crystals under their Illumination by Polarized Light
It is investigated the influence of illumination of the LiNbO3:Fe crystals by linear-polarized light on the 93Nb NMR line parameters and on the short-circuit photocurrents. It is concluded that the homogeneity of the total electric field in the illuminated area of crystal is strongly influenced by the parameters of the light source.

Ponomarenko V.I., Lagunov I.M.
Quasimagiletics on the Basis of Metallized Spherical Corpuscles
The computational model of a synthetic magnetic with unregulated frame is constructed on the basis of metallized spherical corpusclcs. is exhibited, that in a paramagnetic material the order-disorder transformation results in frequency shift quasirnagnetic resonance and modification of the form of a resonance characteristic, and also to ascending components of inductivity. In a diamagnet the influence of an order-disorder transformation to a dispersion of з magnetic permeability is expressed more weakly.

Dolgov A.I., Basiladze G.D.
Optimization of Coupling Coefficients of Fiber-Optic 1x2 Couplers for One-Fiber Bus Network
Light power coupling coefficients of fiber-optic couplers 1x2 configuration being optimised for work stations connection to fiber-optic local network bus are calculated. It is shown that selection of couplers according to calculated coupling coefficients allow to increase a number of network stations.

Boborikina О.V., Nasonkin V.A.
About a Capability of a Short Forecast of Earthquakes on an Example of Records of Laser Interferometers
The scheme for a data analysis in geophysical measurements is offered. The outcomes of an application of the scheme in deformations observations executed by laser interferometers in Sevastopol district of are got. The offered scheme can be the basis for some technique of a short forecast of earthquakes in locale.

Berzhansky V.N., Gordieriko T.P., Lagunov I.M., Milyukov V.V.
The Computer Course on Physics. Mechanics
There are presented the tasks of computer course on Physics «Mechanics». There are described both structure of computer course as a Whole and structure of each task. The recommendations for application of tasks are given.